Welcome to SBC

Whether you are new to SBC or have visited us just a few times or perhaps you haven’t actually visited us at all, the one thing we want to say is how pleased we are that you clicked on our Welcome Page!  We are a large family church who love and value one another and we are excited that you want to find out more about us…

Recently we have adopted a vision statement that describes our church as “an extended family, growing and being transformed in Jesus Christ and sharing the good news wherever we go.” This vision is being worked out in many different ways across the life of our church.

One of the things we value the most is building relationship and so are seeking to grow a network of missional communities called Beacons, where people can find a place to belong, be discipled and be challenged towards sharing faith.


If you visit us on a Sunday our services start each week at 10.30am

10.30am – 12 noon  Sunday morning Service

Our time together includes teaching, singing/worship and story-telling – a time to hear about and share how our lives are working out.

Some Sundays our Beacons meet in other places so it is important to know that one Sunday of each month is the time we all come together! 

These Sundays are called Feasts, and are on the second Sunday of the month 


Feast Sundays – Second Sunday of each month (except Easter and Christmas) 

10.30am – 12.15pm:  Monthly Feast Service with communion and food to follow the service, so come ready to stay on to eat together after the service!

6.30pm – 7.30pm:  Feast Night Prayer


Three Sundays a year – February, May and November

Gathering Feasts:  10.30am – 1.30pm these special second Sundays include an additional time after lunch to hear news and discuss things as a church family.

Everyone is invited to these times and there is provision for children during the Gathering.


Sundays for Children and Young People at SBC

We are a very family friendly church so if you have babies or children up to age 11 and want to find out what is on offer for them please click here

For what we have for Young people Ages 11-18  please click here 


Week Days at SBC

If you are interested in finding out more about our Stay and Play Early Years Groups during the week click here and for the hours of our Lounge Cafe  click here

If you are ‘more mature’and want to know more about Senior’s Ministry, click here

Perhaps you are interested in Alpha, a ten week course to find out more about the Christian faith? If so click here

We also run a four week  Discover Course unique to SBC, and this provides a chance to find out your own unique personality, spiritual gifts and passions – if you want to find out more about Discover please click here


Finding Out More

If you are thinking of coming along to the church one Sunday please head for our Welcome and Information Desk in the foyer as you come into the building .  This is manned by friendly people who are there especially to ensure you feel totally at home at SBC.  Alternatively if you would like to get in touch with Karen Carron, our SBC Director of Welcome and Integration to find out more about the church in general, or to be pointed  in the right direction, please fill in the fields below and Karen will be happy to in touch.

Thanks for checking out our Welcome page, we look forward to welcoming you to SBC!