Seniors News


Outing to Van Hage Garden Centre April 2017

On 4th April a group comprising of Tuesday Fellowship and the Ladies Lunchtime Club left SBC to visit the Van Hage Garden Centre.  The journey took an hour and as soon as we arrived scouts were sent out to locate the toilets, while the rest of the gang hurried to the cafeteria for an invigorating cup of tea!  Suitably refreshed and with credit cards in hand everyone set forth to locate whatever bargains would fill the gap in their horticultural lives.

Van Hage was a cornucopia of products from bedding plants, trees, garden furniture, gazebos, by way of clothing to enough kitchen gadgets to give Mary Berry a run for her money.

The stationery department was running a book sale and some of the group spent quality time there convincing themselves that buying bargain books now would save them money in the long run.

At 12.30pm the group politely commandeered a section of the cafeteria for a lunch break and then it was ‘seconds out’ for round two , circling the centre again but at a much slower pace.  By three o’clock the seats outside were gradually taken up by tired Seniors inundated with purchases.  Those that had not spent all their pocket money flocked to the ice-cream van for a final energy boost to sustain them until they arrived home.

On boarding the coach we were a few passengers short, so a search party was sent out to locate the missing bodies.  One person had succumbed to the comfort of the luxury garden furniture, and was enjoying a quiet doze.  The rest of the absentees were forcibly evicted from the building just as they discovered the ‘Hotter’ shoes franchise without having had time to try on any of the shoes.

Finally with everyone belted up and back in their seats enveloped in an array of bags, boxes and plant trays we headed home.  On arrival at SBC around 4 O’clock our driver was finally able to remove his ear protectors and relax, unaware of the fact that he might be unlucky and get the short straw for our next outing in July!

Holiday to Eastbourne Sept 2016


“We were truly blessed.”  The weather was superb!  A big thank you to Eileen White and Jan Young for organising the holiday.  Thanks to Tina Breeze for keeping us updated and checking that nobody was left behind.  Jeff, our driver was in fine fettle and was helpful, so teased us all.  The holiday started at Victoria Road Baptist Church.  The service set the tone for the holiday – it was a real spiritual blessing and experience.  This blessing continued through the morning prayers, four members of our party shared their testimonies and how God had worked in their lives and influences them now.  THANK YOU Lord for fun, fellowship and friends.

Thanks from the Seniors

The senior’s leadership team and the senior’s congregation say a Huge Thank YOU for all of your support during 2016.  Our monthly service has once again been a great blessing to all who have attended.  We are so grateful To God for all the many people who have faithfully served us month by month and so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

Our speakers, leaders, musicians, those who make and serve tea and biscuits and talk to us – thank you very much.  Our car drivers – thank you for your faithful commitment.  Special thanks to you drivers who stood in at the last minute.

Also a huge thanks to Jeremy Allen who sets up the room every month.

Drivers are you willing to help again next year? If you want your name taken off the list please let me know and if anyone else is willing to help could you let me know: Eileen 01582 658636 or

Ladies Lunchtime Club



“This friendly group always has a warm welcome waiting for all.  Lunch from the cafe is excellent as there is a good, varied special lunch menu and also a general menu to choose from.  Join us for a good chat and a laugh – I did and made many new friends!”


“After becoming a widow and working out of town I entered into retirement not knowing many people in my area and beginning to feel very lonely.  I was told about SBC widow ladies lunch group and after many weeks thinking about going, as I am not the most confident of people, I walked into the group one Wednesday lunch time feeling like a fish out of water.”


“As soon as I entered the room I was met by a group of warm hearted ladies in the same position as myself who made me feel instantly at home and relaxed, the room is always full of chatter plus there is always so much social life that happens within SBC, I now count myself very lucky to have found such a group of kind friendly people and consider them all to be friends.”

“This year I joined in the annual holiday to Eastbourne feeling a little bit apprehensive before going but again felt myself being very welcomed and totally enjoyed myself.”

“A big thank you to SBC for always making me feel so welcome!”


Garden Party July 2015

DSCN5598 DSCN5626 DSCN5602 DSCN5629 DSCN5627

DSCN5638 DSCN5628 DSCN5604 DSCN5600 DSCN5630

Around 90 people gathered on a bright sunny afternoon.


Harvest Lunch at SBC October 2014

DSCN0332 DSCN0338

A great time was had by all and a special thank you to all our helpers.


Holiday to Great Yarmouth September 2014

Great Yarmouth Seniors 1 Great Yarmouth 5

Thank you very much to Audrey Fox for all the quizzes you set up for us in addition to the hotel who laid on some entertainment too. Some of our folk went crazy and thought they were teenagers again but a great time was had by all! See the comments below:

“The best holiday I ever had.”

“It was my only holiday and I have never been so welcomed and loved by everyone.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable, I had lots of trepidation about going but enjoyed every minute of it!”

“I didn’t want it to end.”

“I have not laughed like this in years – my face ached.”


Stopsley Baptist Church has a thriving ministry among our Seniors, led by a dedicated team and looking to provide an active and supportive community centred on the gospel of Christ and open to all.


The Seniors meet at our main building for:

Monday indoor bowls



A group of younger Seniors meet at our main building on a Monday morning from 10-12noon every week to play carpet bowls in our auditorium. It is organised by Michael Webb and John Root. There is a lot of laughter and a little competition- as well as welcome coffee break. No previous experience is required and everyone is very welcome to come and have a go

Its open to all so feel free to come along.


Tuesday Afternoon Fellowship.

This meeting happens weekly in rooms 1,2 and 3 from 2.15pm on Tuesdays. Most weeks this takes the form of a simple service with a guest speaker but this meeting is only the tip of the iceberg. The fellowship is committed with the help of the pastoral team to care for one another, to share stories and to enjoy one anotherӳ company. They organise regular Saturday socials monthly, a variety of trips throughout the year and an annual holiday. Their mission statement is, thanking God for the past, trusting him for the future.


Sunday Worship Hour

Meeting on the first Sunday of the month in rooms 1, 2 and 3, this service is specifically shaped around our Seniors tastes and follows a programme of teaching throughout the year.


For more details of these activities, please email



Finally the church hosts and supports a community meeting place called The Tent Project, which has recently branched out by launching a singing Cafe